You’re totally entitled not to like our new record! I don’t like every Elvis Costello record! But you ARE hating. Not me, but homosexuals when you use that word. And when he puts out a record I don’t like I’m not going to resort to using disgusting language. Say what you want about our music. Say what you want about our motivations, but don’t say that word. Please. To anyone. And as for your assessment of motivations? You know I LOST MONEY on Soul Punk? Lots. You know how many people have asked us to do TTTYG pt.2? We would probably make MUCH MORE MONEY that way. So maybe you misunderstand the situation entirely. Terrible to rip a fan who has been supporting me for years?!? Who just used a disgusting word at me? What kind of support is that? And I didn’t rip you man: I told you the truth. If you’re gonna use that language, I don’t want your money. The Patrick that recorded TTTYG felt exactly the same way. Well, fair enough. I’m not mad about you not liking the new record. You have every reason to. But art changes. It’s not always about money. If anything I didn’t want to go the money route. I didn’t want to take the easy way. Tell you what: Next time you want to call someone a name, just use a nasty body part. Usually funnier and less collateral damage.
Patrick Stump, responding to a fan calling him a “faggot” on twitter pt. 2.
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